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Recent West coast transplant just settling back into the Midwest. Mama, yogi, music-loving, project manager. Welcome to my little nook.


Chicago man tells Obama: “Don’t touch my girlfriend.”

This guy

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“I’m not for everyone. I’m barely for me.”

—   Marc Maron (via clear-glass)

That sums it up.

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Can’t decide if this is appealing or appalling…
Finally reunited after a 22 month hiatus. The perfect house packing partner!
20 year high school reunion. Sweet baby Jesus, save me.


Nearly everything is better with cheese.


Well, this weekend has been the most intense, change filled, in recent history. Possibly ever.
I don’t think I’ve ever been more terrified, yet completely, entirely ready for the next. The last 6 months have been sad, isolating and has tested my faith, trust and reliance in people.
That being said, please cross toes, fingers, legs, send good thoughts, prayers and juju as you believe for a peaceful, kind transition into the next phase.


Chill, Homie.



Chill, Homie.